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What do Dan and Phil think of you?
Have fun C:
personality test

1Me: Hello! You excited to meet Dan and Phil?
Yes totally they are soooo cute and I want to marry them!! Me: err, OK.
Yea, I'm a big phan!
Yes, let's do it!
Meh, I guess so.
Ewww no they suck. Me:Why are you even here?
2Me: Alright Phil you can come out first. Phil: Hi, Nice to meet you. What's your name?
Nice to meet you too, I'm Y/N.
Not nice to meet you, you loser. Me: Seriously, go away. ._.
Wow your so sexy! Marry Me! Me: *facepalm*
Hey, I'm Y/N.
Omg I'm going too cry I love you so much! Me: calm down.. O.o
3Phil: Y/N? Nice name. Me: Dan come on out! Dan: Hey- oh, wow your pretty. Phil: This is Y/N. Dan: Thats a pretty cute name.
Ew lol ur gross. Me: Go back to school.. Peasant. -_-
Omg omg omg Phil complemented my name and Dan said I'm cute!! *faints* Me: O.O you good..?
Heh, thanks. Dan and Phil: Your welcome.
*Blushes* wow.. Umm, heh, thanks! Phil: Your welcome. Dan:Yea, no problem
*Blush* Your cute too Dan. Dan: *awkwardly scratches neck* Heh.. Me: Aww..
4Me: Alright. Dan would you like to ask the first question? Dan: I guess.. Uh, what's your favorite color? Phil: Really?
Red, Orange, Yellow.
Greens and Blues. Phil: I like those colors too.
Black, Purple, Other Dark Colors.. Dan: Yea... Me: Me too!
White like snow!
5Me: Phil, your turn. Phil: Oh umm, what's your favorite animal. Dan: *stares at Phil* Wow Phil. Phil: Sorry!!
Frogs, Snakes... Stuff like that.
Bugs, especially spiders. Me: *shivers*
Dogs and Cats.. You know, simple house pets..
Horses, chickens, pigs.. farm animals.
Llamas. Dan: Heh, Yeah llamas are cool.
Penguins, Ducks.. I really like birds!
Lions! Phil: Yea!
U suk go die! Me: Peasant..
6Me: Dan, its your turn again. Dan: Er.. Y/N, what do you like to do in your free time?
Your Mum. Me: XD
Honestly, just YouTube all day. Me: same. Dan: Yea. Me too.
Play sports, skateboard.
Read and write... Sometimes draw
I love singing and dancing!
I watch all your videos... Over... And over... Hehehe.. Me: o.o
7Me: Time for me to ask a question! Dan and Phil: OK.. Me: who do you like more Dan or Phil? Phil: *laughs nervously* Don't make her have to answer that.. Dan: *blushes* Heh..
Ur both dumb. Me: Jesus Christ go awayyy!!!
Dan, he is soo hawt!! Dan: heh..
Phil, He is amazing and sweet! Me: Amazing Phil.. CX
I can't choose! I love you both! I mean, er like..
Dan.. He is really sweet and cute *blushes* Dan: *blush* You think I'm cute..?
Phil, he is soon handsome! Phil: *blushes*
How can I choose one I want you both in my bed- Me: OK! 0.0
8Me: Any last things to ask Y/N? Dan: Er, your really cute, I like you Phil: Your great.. *blushes*
*blushes" heh you two are cute too..
Nice meeting you two!
Yea sure bye whatever. Me: really.. .-.
Lol ur ugly. Me: Why are you still here?
9Dan: See ya! Phil: Good bye!
Noo don't leave *clutches Dan's leg* Dan: o.o
I'll miss you!
It was an honor to meet you.
Lol yea go away. Me: You know I'm actually happy your finally leaving.
10Hope you liked the quiz! You can follow me on Twitter @ItsJustKage if you want!
See ya.
Lol bye u ugly butt face. Me: Your actually making me cringe.
I just want my results.
Nice to meet you, and will do!

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