If you know that you are a standard corporate contract clause, but aren't sure which one, take this test.

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What standard contractual clause are you?
If you know that you are a standard corporate contract clause, but aren`t sure which one, take this test. (e)
personality test

1Where do you stand in a group picture?
Out front, where everyone can see me.
In the back, as well hidden as possible.
Who cares? No one will remember me anyway. *sigh*
2How do you tell a story?
I choose my words carefully
I drone on and on...
I never tell stories. I insist that all stories must be in writing.
3You enlisted in the army when you were drunk. What do you do?
Figure out how to get out of it somehow.
Slip across the border.
Not worry about it; it`s probably not binding if there`s a war going on.
I live with the consequences of my mistake.
Write to the sergeant and explain that there was some sort of silly mix-up.
4How do you feel about long-distance relationships?
They can work out. You don`t have to be together all the time.
It can only last a little while; you have to agree on a place to live together eventually.
It`s great-- you can get other people to type your love emails for you.
It depends what you mean by "long-distance relationship".
5Do you ever say the word "whereas" in conversation?
No, that`s a stupid word that means nothing.
6What do you do with an Apple that has a brown part on it?
Throw it out.
Cut out the brown part and eat the rest.
Why is the word "Apple" in the question capitalized? Is it a special type of apple?
7How responsible are you?
I`m very responsible.
I`m responsible, unless the thing I`m trying to do is too hard.
I talk the talk, but don`t walk the walk.
Anything I do wrong is your fault.
8Out of the following places, which is your favourite?
New York.
Anywhere that I have access to a fax machine.
Wherever you ain`t.
9Do you consent?
My consent is not unreasonably withheld.
I consent, no questions asked.

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