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How lazy are you?
Find out
personality test

1You are doing number 2 in a toilet and have just run out of toilet paper from your dispenser. What would you do?
Get a new roll but just leave it on the closed toilet tank.
Get a new roll to reload the dispenser.
Get a new roll and reload the dispenser and then restock the cabinet under the sink.
Scrape off old toilet paper from discarded rolls to avoid restocking it.
2You have to get somewhere about 2 miles away How do you get there of the choices given?
Run the whole way without showing down below 6 mph
Bike or walk (3 to 4 mph walking)
Make someone else drive you there
3How much exercise get a day?
2 hours: intense workouts with specific goals
5 to 10 minutes: walking to the kitchen and bathroom during the day
30 to 45 minutes: a short walk or two
An hour of moderate excerise
4You haven't done laundry in two.weeks. What do you do?
Start sniffing clothes. If it doesn't smell, wear it.
Do a small load of essential items.
N/a. I'd never go more than a week without doing any laundry.
Do two loads to get everything clean again.
5You work at 9 am and have to leave by 8:30. When do you wake up?
7:30. I want time for a quick shower and breakfast.
7:30 but then I hit the snooze button and it's 8 and I have to rush to get out the door.
8:24. I pretty much leave just after waking up.
6:00. Nothing better than getting up early for a healthy meal and a joh.

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