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Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Quiz
It is recommended that you only take this quiz if you have completed the game at least once.
trivia quiz

1Where does Kyle Hyde work?
New York Police Department
Red Crown Sales Co.
Robbins Memorial Hospital
Gallery May
Hotel Dusk
2Why was Kyle sent to Hotel Dusk?
To get rest
To find Bradley
To meet Dunning
He works there
To find certain items
3What is the story behind room 215, according to Dunning?
It grants wishes
It was where criminals did business
There was cash in the toilet
No one had ever stayed there
It was broken
4Who does Kyle Hyde run into on his way up the stairs?
The bellhop
An old woman
A little girl
The maid
A young man
5Who did the bellhop turn out to be?
Chris Hyde
Robert Evans
Rosa Fox
Louis DeNonno
Just a normal bellhop
6What did Ed tell Kyle about Louie?
Nile was after him
The police were after him
Dunning was going to fire him
He was planning a robbery
He's Kyle's brother
7Who was working with Louie and Danny under the name of J?
Dunning Smith
Jeff Angel
Brian Bradley
8Which room was Melissa locked in?
9What was the reason Melissa gave on why her mom left?
She doesn't know
Melissa's mom and dad were always fighting
Melissa's mom needed to escape from the police
Melissa said she doesn't need a bad mom like her
Melissa's mom met a woman named Iris
10What did Louie find under Kyle's table at the restaurant?
A fountain pen
A bookmark
A rag doll
A bottle of red wine
$20,000 in cash
11What did the engraving on the pen say?
"Look behind you"
"The Secret Word"
"Wal-Mart, $2.99"
"To Alan, With Love"
12What was Martin's secret?
He was working with a man named J
He is a horrible writer
He stole Alan's novel and submitted it under his own name
He stole $20,000 in cash from Jeff
He murdered his father
13Which one of these items did Kyle find in Jeff's room?
A red box
A Room 215 master key
A men's magazine
A pistol
Bradley's lighter
14What is Jeff's real name, according to his student I.D.?
Jeff Damon
Jeff Angel
15Who was Jeff's father working for?
Louis DeNonno
Robert Evans
Jenny Smith
16What was Helen's job before she retired?
Professional basketball player
17What was the name of Helen's son?
Kyle Hyde
Martin Summer
Carson Freeman
Jeff Damon
Alan Parker
18What was stolen from Iris?
A fountain pen
$20,000 in cash
A magazine
A photo
A small envelope
19Where did Kyle find Iris's stolen items?
In the utility closet
In the linen closet
In the laundry room
In the boiler room
In Louie's room
20Who sent the envelope to Iris?
21Why did Melissa's mother really leave?
Meissa told her she was a bad mom
Nile was after her
Kevin kept asking her how she got he money
She met another man
Kevin had murdered her
22Who did Rosa think was Mila's father?
Kyle Hyde
Kevin Woodward
Dunning Smith
Robert Evans
23Who is Mila's father?
Kyle Hyde
Kevin Woodward
Dunning Smith
Robert Evans
24Who was Mila with at Hotel Dusk ten years ago?
Melissa Woodward
Jeff Angel
Jenny Smith
25How long was Mila in a coma?
1 month
3 weeks
7 months
10 years
19 seconds
26What was Dunning's secret?
He was Osterzone
He murdered Grace Woodward
He built the basement
He was extremely rich
27Why did Nile take Jenny?
Dunning was in debt
Dunning disappeared
Dunning wouldn't paint anymore
Dunning killed a Nile leader

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