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Which MouseHeart book character are you?
Find out which character you are from the books Mouseheart by Lisa Fiedler! ;-)
personality test

1Who do you want to get?
Of course everyone wants Hopper!
Pup is so cute :-3
I really like Pinkie's personality
Emperor Titus is a wise character
Zucker's cool!
Fireen is a cool friend
Queen Felina is so neat looking and quick…!
2What eye color do you want/have?
I like and/or am green or blue
Brown,a rather darker one
Lighter brown
Hazel :-D Just something neat that brings out characteristics
Something that a cartoon character would have like pink,But purple,I guess
Anything cute ;-3 Like big and brown
3Do you like to eat?
I mean,I don't eat •all• the time,but food is good… :-p :-P
You do need it to live,but I'm not a person who eats or talks about it a lot
I like eating,pretty okay… :-3
I don't really mind about food or eating,I mean;I just do it when I have to
4Would you rather be in a city or town?
Like most people who live there,I just became a part of the city…so...
I like town's peacefulness to sleep with my fluffy blanket… ^.^
I like both alright.
I just am where I have to be.

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