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What Sums You Up?
Wonder what people would say about you when you're not around? Find out what word others would be most apt to use to describe you!
personality test

1You walk into a room and all eyes are suddenly on you. You feel...?
Indifferent. People don't truly ever really see you.
Stoked! Let's meet some new people!! Was that a cheese platter? How's it going?!
Prepared. Finally, they're giving me my due. The world is my stage!
Aroused. Oh man that cutie in the back wants me bad! Check out these moves...
Mortified. What is in my teeth?! Why are they staring? This is uncomfortable! *sweats*
2You run into your crush at the movies, and you notice they pick a seat that isn't as good, but is nearer to you. Gasp! How do you feel?
That's great, I'll schedule a time to meet up with them at some point.
Wow. Movie ruined! Now all I'll be able to focus on is what this person is doing/thinking/wearing!
Awesome! Maybe if I move a bit closer I'll be able to smell their perfume/cologne!
Awww fun! Maybe we can all hang out after!
I think I could see a future with them. But it flashed before my eyes and now the moment has passed.
3It's Friday night!!! You can be found...
Sweatpants and Netflix time baby! Bring on the popcorn!
Late night meeting, but after that I'll do whatever I want!
I've got a date that's going well...VERY well! I might get to see this person nekkid!
I've got candles and the best works of Poe. I may write down my musings with a quill.
Party! I'm going to call up a bunch of my buddies and dance the night away!
4Your favorite flower is a...
Rose. Expensive and elegant. I deserve nothing less.
Tulips. Or... peonies. Heh heh heh >:)
Forget me nots. However most people forget me.
Whatever you get me works!
Gerber Daisys! So cute and colorful!!
5How would you describe yourself?
POWERHOUSE! Move, get out the way!
quiet... sweet but shush! I'm overwhelmed!
Mysterious...you won't understand my poetry.
Physically fit! Feel how hard this muscle is...!
I'm a happy camper most of the time!
6What is your spirit animal?
Mole. A hairy little mole. Don't judge it!
A slithery, slick, snake!
A big, ominous black bird. Fly, fly, fly!
A puppy of course! Adorbs.

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