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What Kind of fitness Girl Are You?(my first quiz,please be nice)
find out what kind of fitness girl describes you best
personality test

1How often do you workout/go to the gym/yoga class...?
5-7 times a week
3-5 times
i always say i will do it ,but i rarely ever do
every day
2-4 times a week
2What kind of workout is your favorite?
whatever i can win at (volleyball,running,football...)
something easy
weight-lifting,sculpting your body
i don't have the favorite,it depends on my mood
3You just finished a workout.How do you feel/what do you do?
i'm proud,i rarely ever workout
tired,but happy,i don't do anything special,take a shower i guess
feeling good,i post about it on social media,parhabs facebook
i make a motivation post for my fitness blog
i feel powerful,protein shakes/bars time
if i win,i feel good
4How do you feel/what do you do before working-out?
i feel fine,post it on tumblr/instagram to motivate my followers
take a picture,post about it on facebook,i need to show people i'm working out
i feel motivated,i'm ready for all the hard work,i have a energy bar
i don't wanna,i'don't wanna
i feel like i might do the best
5How many people know you are working-out?
my family and friends
my team/whole class/school
all the people at the gym
i guess only me and my closest friends/family
all my followers,because i motivate them
i wan't more people to know,that is what makes people like me
6What made you workout?
i want the world to be a better place
i want to look better,to get more popularity
i wanted to be the best
i wanted to be muscular
i want to be healthy and happy
trying something new,i want to look like a supermodel,but i'm not really doing it
7You skipped a workout.How do you feel/what do you do?
i don't actually care
that rarely ever happens
i feel fine,post a picture of my body like ussually
i feel sad,but i guess i deserve some rest
i make a post that says: never give up
i guess i'm still better than some people
8What kind of apps are on your phone?/(if you don't have one:imagine you do)
facebook and stuff like that
workout apps,to help me workout,but they don't really help
stopwatch for working out,of-course
none of these
9How do you organize your workouts?
i write them down,i'm very organized about working-out
i do what i feel like doing
i highlight all them on calendar,but i rarely ever do them
i have practices with my team

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