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Which Monty Python Movie are you?
Which Monty Python movie describes you the best?
personality test

1In the face of peril...
Run away!
Put your lips and whistle, that`s the key
Stay away from vicious gangs of keep left signs
Death won`t hesitate to knock on your door.
2I am...
Not the messiah!
And this is my trusted servant Patsy
Mr. Cresote and dead hungry
a burglar attempting to hold up a lingerie shop
lucky bastard
are trying to buy a dead parrot
are the Black Knight and a loony
are a pirate aboard the Permanent Assurance office
4Someone knocks on the door...
I came looking for an arguement!
Quick everybody hide! It`s the Roman guard!
We`re here for your liver.
Allo...`oo is eet?
Make strange funny noises
are no more since the animator suffered a fatal heart attack
Involve some sort of alien space chase
Have no importance, really.
spam spam spam spam spam spam spam
isn`t served in the Hawaiian room
is served in Camelot
isn`t served in Jerusalem
7When being attacked...
...a flying cow plummets your servant
...a tiger sort of carried off your leg.
...you take refuge on a teetering balcony overlooking the various prophets of God.
...you eat the banana, thus disarming him!
8In school...
...I fell asleep during a live demonstration in Sex Ed.
...you always suspected that your father wasn`t Mr. Cohen, but never suspected it was Nautius Maximus.
...you were taught how the Earth is actually banana shaped.
...you wanted to see a sketch of Eric`s called "Nudge Nudge Wink Wink"
9Your mother...
...was not qualified to give birth.
...was a hamster!
...slapped you and told you to shut up.
...cheated on your totally clueless father with the rather horny marriage counsellor.
10Your father...
...smelt of elderberries!
...was part of the People`s Front of Judea and not the f***ing Judean People`s Front.
...sold the lot of you for scientific experiments despite your protests.
...scaled the two peaks of Mt. Killimangara (even though there is only one peak)
11You are hiding...
...do not stand up or hide behind the middle bush.
...behind a bush while the large wooden rabbit that you were supposed to be hiding in is pulled inside the castle.
...while an army of Roman Guards searches through the room, finding only your spoon.
...to avoid being eaten by Mr. Cresote.
...who make exciting underwear are living in Castle Anthrax.
...sound a lot like high pitched men.
...wearing bikini bottoms, and helmets and nothing else are chasing you off the cliff.
...in ancient Roman times had silly names like Continential Buttocks.

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