Star Wars is awesome and the dark side rules. GO VADER!! Do this test or be killed by "force" ha!!! Star Wars joke.  Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Are you a rebel or a storm trooper?
Star Wars is awesome and the dark side rules. GO VADER!! Do this test or be killed by "force" ha!!! Star Wars joke.
personality test

1Your in a bar and a rebel comes up next to you and sits down soon after he buys a drink two storm troopers come up and start a fight it's two against one and you;
Jump up and immediately help the rebel defeat the storm troopers
Come from behind and sucker punch the rebel scum then help the storm troopers detain him
Ignore it and buy another drink from the bartender
Wonder why your in a bar and whats a storm trooper or a rebel
2Your on your home planet and walking around just randomly and see a storm trooper walking around dazed, confused and alone you
Help him and take his place serving the galactic empire
Shoot him down and report back to the rebel base for orders
Turn the other way and go home
Still wondering what a storm trooper is
3Lord VADER has requested a meeting with you while being escorted to him you;
Say hi to your co workers escorting you and ask when the next work picnic is
Deny everything and try to escape
Wonder if this is about you double parking your land speeder
Wonder who's lord VADER ?
4You return to your home planet to find your family gone and your home destroyed by an unknown assaiglent you need protection choose your fate
I'm forever loyal to the empire and shall never stray! All hail VADER!!
The rebellion will keep me safe and never fail me I will join the rebellion
My house was horrible anyway I'll just Move into the city
I'm still wondering who lord VADER is? And whats a storm trooper?

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