Based on who you are, what game show would you likely excell in?

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What is your prize-winning show?
Based on who you are, what game show would you likely excell in? (e)
personality test

1Your take on a hot guy/hot girl? (if you don`t like the picture, then base it on what you think is hot)
Oooo, I would like to see more of them!
HELL YA! I would like to hit that over and over again!
Nice body! They`re almost as fit as I am.
Nice to look at but looks are only skin deep.
2You got a lot of money!.........How?
Stocks went up! I`m good with my money.
Must have pleased that guy/girl REALLY nicely last night ;-)
.....I don`t know. Found it?
Must have had something to do with my knowledge.
Must have had something to do with my physique.
3It`s your time to do what you want. How are you going to spend your time?
Go somewhere with some exciting/risky activities! Basejumping maybe?
Relaxing....I`m kinda lazy like that.
Chill with friends, talk to that guy/girl I like.
Go to a museum. I try to learn something new everyday :-)
Planned activities that are both fun yet affordable. Whatever my money allows for.
4Remember that money you got earlier? How are you going to spend it?
Spend? Hell no. I`m going to SAVE!
Shopping! Friends! The possibilities are endless! FUN FUN FUN :-D!!
Try some activity I haven`t done before!
Pay off some bills, improve my home, that kinda stuff.
Spend it on college. Education is very important to me.
5What`s your best quality?
I`m intellegent.
I`m great around people.
I`m energetic.
I`m pretty good at just about anything. I have no outstanding qualities that I can pinpoint.
I`m responsible.

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