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Will you survive the zombie apocolypse?
personality test

1You see the first hors of zombies, out in the open. What do you do?
run for your life to your house and board up all the windows. then you'll make a plan.
grab the nearest weapon, sacrafice a few people to slow the zombies down, and quietly kill em.
scream and hope someone else will do something
2You make it to a farm and see the farmers don't want you there. They don't know anything about the apocalypse, what do you do?
explain what's happening and offer to form a team with them.
kill them all with your weapon and steal everything that seems useful.
leave and go find an abandoned farm.
3All the farms animals are infected. What do you do?
mind control them and use them as a weapon againstthe other zombies
kill them all. have another human test the flesh to see if it's edible.
4You've found a bunch of desperate survivors. What next?
give everyone a role based on strengths and weaknesses
make them a group of your slaves until they are no use to you anymore, then kill them.
let them control everything
5What weapon to you pick?
a double shot gun and a lot of bullets with a backup sword
a machete
weapon? but...I don't wanna kill anything!
6What's your strategy
from the top of the building shoot the zombies and blow stuff up
sacrafice others to keep yourself alive
run away from everything

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