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What Dragon/Dragon Element Are You?
Learn the ways of the elemental and dragons of Mythril Mountains.
personality test

1It's turning night. What do you do?
Go to sleep. It's the only way to get back to day.
Go outside, hunt, and do something productive.
Do something productive in the den, like practicing magick
2It's a competition! What do you do:
Strut my stuff! It's my place to show everyone I'm better than them
Maybe, but just for fun. Why does it matter? I'm fine how I am.
Pfft. I already proved myself, stupid jerks.
3Your mate is cheating on you! What do you do?
Walk away. I just want him/her to be happy. I won't be in the way anymore.
Do nothing. Pff, never even liked him/her anyways.
Show those losers what I got! They don't deserve me!
4You're in love. What do you do:
Tell them directly that I love them. Why lie?
Wait for them to do the first move.
Wait for the right time. Or maybe get some friends to ask if they like me.
5Your hatchling is sick and about to die! What do you do:
Let them suffer. It was their fault they got sick anyways.
Nuture them and be with them every moment until their death
Heal them with your magick and herbs from the forest

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