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Would you survive a zombie apocalypse
Would you survive or die
personality test

1When you find out about the outbreak. You?
Kill yourself
Find friends/ family and supplies
Find supplies and a stable place to crash till it dials down a bit
Get supplies and find other survivors.
Find somewhere to stay. That's all that matters
2What weapons do you take.
Bow and arrow
A knife, anything sharp.
A baseball bat, there everywhere and easy to use
Your too busy getting food, water, and shelter for a weapons
Your group is here to protect you
3Who do you save?
Your mom she may be old, but she means too much
Nobody fright for yourself
Your younger sibling, they are all you have left
Your athletic bestfriend, they can fight side by side with you
Your pet You care more for animals than people??
Anybody who can help you survive.
4Where do you stay?
On a farm away from the city. It's calm and not much happens and you can grow things.
Move locations. No where is safe
As long as YOUR okay anywhere
Your home. Where else do you go?
Your school there's a lot of turns and doors and you can hear everything.
The woods.
In an rv. Anything can work.
A loft: or an apartment. Or as a matter a fact anywhere that has stairs.
5You come across a group who is surrounded by zombies trying to find a way out. You?
HELP them then ask to join there group you need protection.
Leave them. You don't know them.
They're screwed and there's nothing you can do and you want to leave before the zombies notice you.
Help them. Then ask for supplies
Yell at the top of your lungs so the zombies pay attention to you and they have a chance to escape
6You save the group and you joined them. Then you find a place to stay and you fall inlove with the group leader. And he gets killed so you?
Cry and kill yourself he was your only hope
You need to take over the group you can't think of if
You were planning on overthrowing him he was a horrid leader.
Kill everything in sight. Too get rid of the anger
Leave the group you cared very little for them
7You leave the group and you come across a tent with supplies, yet you can only take one what do you take
A weapon
Nothing that's there's
8Your dog/ cat and you are hiding from zombies till they start to make noise what do you do
Your not hiding with an animal, who would? It's only going to make noise
Kill it.
You kill yourself.
You throw something to make a noise else where that way they don't catch you
9You best friend gets a panic attack and she's making so much noise your pretty sure that someone is coming what do you do?!
Kill her
Kill both of you
Try to find a way to shut her up
Leave her there to die
Kill whoever is coming your way
10You found some half empty water bottles, yet you have no idea if there infected and your so thirsty. You?
Drink it
Leave it
Take it because if it is infected use it to infect somebody
Look for another water. There must be one full one that may not be drank from
11You got bit and you have a group to look over you?
Tell them they need to know. Let them kill you
Not tell them if your dieng there dieng too
Leave with no other words let them fend for themselves

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