For those of you who are too lazy to answer 200 or so on a typical one. However! These are mere ingredients to a character! Certain mixes make a cake! Others create a mess no one wants to do with! So just because it's on the test doesn't mean it's not a good trait! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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A Shorter Mary Sue Test
For those of you who are too lazy to answer 200 or so on a typical one. However! These are mere ingredients to a character! Certain mixes make a cake! Others create a mess no one wants to do with! So (more)
personality test

1Let's answer all of these questions honestly. (No affect on scores)
2Your characters name. Is it_____________
Abnormal for their race/one they picked themselves?
A common name for their race (eg. A human named Steven)
something in an ancient language often pertaining magic properties? And is not common in their race
A name from a different time period (eg. Middle Ages princess named Sakura)?
A name I made up and everyone else has different/exotic names anyways
3Is your character part of a species that isn't human? (Or of the most common race in the universe which this takes places in?)
It's a special race I'm adding to a fandom.
They are human and they live on the earth. (WITH NO MAGIC)
They are the same race as the majority (Aliens come to earth, vampire clan etc)
My story revolves around the troubles they face because of their different race.
They are part of a species but they don't know it!
Yes they are part of a species but they long to be human. (Or the other race in the story)
4Lets say your character is part of a race yet they don't know it. (You may ignore this question if this is not the case) does it...
Benefit them in a time of crisis? All of a sudden and miraculously?
Go against laws of their current people? (Eg. Vampire Hunter gone vampire)
Cause them to hate themselves (not 'why me?!' But suicide and depression type things)?
Being great superiority where as it normally wouldn't?
Attribute to some tragic event in their childhood?
Make your character happier since they are this way?
Cause all characters grief? (Including yours)
Happen unsuspectedly and really didn't fit with the other events or is described poorly?
Happen to be a stereotypical race like werewolf, vampire, fairy, mermaid etc?
5Does your character have special features? Eyes, hair colour, fangs (not usual for race), tattoos, birth marks, animal ears/tail, etc. (click the number of things. Even if it wasn't listed here and still counts as unordinary, click a box for it.)?
6Onto clothing. Your character wears:
Clothing suited to their race (Humans in sweaters and hoodies) that also goes with the time period
An outfit that makes them look bad ass or sexy
A completely unnecessary outfit (ignore if backfires eg. A heel breaking and spraining ankle)
Something you wish you had in your wardrobe
An article deliberately taken from your wardrobe
Clothing that suits their personality
7Speaking of personality... what is their personality?
Dark and 'Gothic'
Anti hero (eg. Evil with a dash of humour and tragic backstory so the audience feel bad)
Clown (not the scary kind) these ones are actually rather funny and immature
Psychopathic to the point where he/she ends up on the run from an asylum. Don't take option lightly)
Happy and sweet
Shy (yet kind)
8Does your character have a hobby? Is it...
Unusual for their race? (Eg. An Irken Invader going to human night clubs)
Training. Constant training. (To do the point of social exclusion)
Normal things for their race (eg. A human playing video games)
Studying things that just so happen to come in handy...
Accomplishing things that otherwise take years to do

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