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Is gymnastics the sport for you?
Take this quiz to find out if gymnastics is the sport for you.
personality test

1Would you get up really early and train for a gymnastics meet?
Yes! I need the practice to succeed on in life!
Maybe. But can I come in around 3:00 pm. I don't have the time for mornings.
No! I need my beauty rest. Who cares how I do. I don't.
2Before a gymnastics state meet, what do you eat?
I eat granola bars, fruits and vegetables. No junk food because that is not very healthy.
Healthy food, but pop or soda to get me awake. Even though my couch says I can't have pop.
Junk food all the way. What does it care what I eat?
3How do you think of leotards?
They're fine. To succeed in gymnastics I will do and wear whatever it takes to succeed.
Only ones that have cushioning in them because I'm not going to sit in an uncomfortable thing.
No! Ewe! Can't we just were our pajamas?!?
4Are you lazy?
No. I run every morning, and train hard at gymnastics practice. It's great for my body!
Sometimes. At gymnastics practice I sit for a while because I don't level like doing anything.
Yes! I watch 12 hours of t.v. every day!! I hate training for gymnastics. It's so boring.

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