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Who is your Durarara!! Boyfriend?
If guys want to do this, you can... lol it would be kind of weird, though.
personality test

1What do you like most in a guy?
He is Sweet and Sensitive
He is Flirty and Romantic
He is strong and can protect you from others
He can help you defend youself
2Which one do you always have to wear with an outfit?
3Which one describes you the most?
4Roleplay Time! You are waiting for your boyfriend to pick you up for a date, and you are getting ready. How do you dress?
I dress like I normally do. A sweet guy like him won't care how I look.
I dress in a long, red dress with pink lipstick. I wear a lot of jewelry, too.
I wear a short, gold dress along with a mini jacket.
I put on a long black dress. I throw on some dark red lipstick and black earrings.
5Your boyfriend arrives in a carriage. You come outside and get in. What do you say?
In a shy voice, you say "Oh, Hey..."
"Oh, hi! Don't you look very nice today?!"
You smile a little bit and say "Hey. You look nice today."
You put your arm around him and say "What's up?"
6Your carriage starts going to your destination. Where are you going?
We're just going to the park so we can take a nice walk.
We are going to a nice restaurant where just the two of us can have fun together
We are going to an arcade. We will have loads of fun!
We are going to the movies to watch a new movie that just came out.
7Before you get there, your boyfriend's body weight breaks the carriage, and you have to wait 9 hours until someone notices. What do you do to lighten the mood?
You try to calm him down and say everything is okay. Then you shyly kiss him.
You just flirt with each other to be distracted for a while.
You can't take it any longer, so you get up and go find someone who can help you.
You sit there and look around. You take a few moments to explore the land and people around you.
8Someone finds you and helps to fix your carriage. You realize that it is really late, so what do you do next?
You decide to go to your boyfriend's house to stay the night.
You go on your date anyway.
You decide to take a ride around town in your carriage for a while.
You ask your boyfriend to take you home, maybe we can go on the date tomorrow.
9Roleplay time is over!!! Did you like it?
It was really fun!
It was OK.
10Last question! What is your favorite anime/movie genre?

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