This test tells if you would survive during the zombie apocalypse, or be the first one dead.. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Would you survive the zombie apocalypse?
This test tells if you would survive during the zombie apocalypse, or be the first one dead..
personality test

1Theres news about zombies everywhere, and are reported near your area. What do you do?
Start packing and make a run for it.
Get prepared, but don't make a move.
Probably a false alarm.
Nah, they're just starting rumors.
2You look out your window, and they were right. Zombies are coming from the east. What do you do?
Jump in your car and drive to the west with all your gear and supplies.
Stay in your house and barricade all entrances, have weapons ready.
Drive over all the zombies with only a weapon, hoping to get supplies from nearby stores.
Stay in the house without barricading, they can't get through the door.
3You end up getting away, and spot a single zombie coming towards you. How do you attack?
Kill it with a weapon that doesn't make too much noise.
Kill it with a gun and escape.
Run, because after all, you didn't bring a weapon!
Try fighting it with my bare fists.
4It becomes dark, and you find a spot near the road you could camp. What do you end up doing?
Its too risky. Keep moving.
Find a better place to camp.
Sleep in a short tree that has hardly any support.
Camp there, maybe a group will find me.
5Here comes morning, and you find a group of 4 survivors. They all look equally suspicious, and they ask if you want to group up and share supplies.
Hell no. Way too risky, and these guys look suspicious.
You ask a few questions, and agree.
You end up saying yes, and go with them.
You beg them to take you with them. You have hardly any supplies.
6They end up taking out guns, threatening you to give them all your supplies and to walk away.
Kill them in two seconds flat.
Threaten them, and if they don't walk away, attempt to kill them.
Try to run with all your supplies.
Give up your things and run for your life.
7A little boy is near your base screaming and has an injury on his arm, trying to get away from a hoard of zombies. You can't tell if its a bite or not.
Kill him, he's drawing zombies to your base.
Try to draw zombies away.
Defend him from the zombies, and take him in.
Try to kill the zombies with your hands. You lost your weapon to those survivors.
8You see a man at your door, injured with lifeless eyes.
Kill him, he's a walker.
Try speaking to him, and if he doesn't reply, shoot him.
Shout through the door, and if he doesn't reply, open it and tell it to leave.
Let him in, he's injured!
9How old are you?
Under 12
10What gender are you?

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