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How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse?
Find out how long you would last in a zombie apocalypse . Leave your results in the comments
personality test

1You just found out that a zombie outbreak has started. What do you do first?
Run around screaming
Commit suicide. I don't want to risk getting torn limb from limb.
Gather supplies and look for survivors
Gather supplies and set up a barricade to seperate your self from the infected
Drive through town running down zombies
Stay where your at and hope help arrives soon.
2You find a survivor but he's convinced you have been bitten. What do you do?
Try and convince him otherwise
Show him your arms and legs.
Kill him. He will only bring trouble.
Kill him and use his corpse as a distraction for the nearby infected
3You have a choice of a mall, a movie theater, or gun shop to go to. Which do you choose?
Mall. There will be food. But unfortunately no guns.
Gun shop. There will be guns and weapons but no sadly no food.
Movie theatre. There are no windows for the infected to come through and there is food but no guns
4You find your friend but you notice he has a massive cut in his arm that kind of looks like teeth. He says he didn't get bitten. What do you do?
Kill him before he turns.
Believe him. He could be telling the truth and he may be of use.
Lock him up in a room. If he turns then he won't be able to hurt you and you won't have to kill him
5Which weapon should you choose?
Machete. Quick attack, never runs out of ammo, and easy to move with.
Shotgun. Massive damage, wider range
Pistol. Quick shot, easier to move with.
Sub machine gun. Fast shot
6You've been bitten. There's only one hope. A lab 30 miles away. You have a low chance of making it there but u can survive if you do get there.
Just give up and commit suicide
Go for it

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