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6,714 hits 2.6 (8 votes) Share Favorite | Flag 6 years ago by Mrsmileyface

The completely pointless quiz PART #2!
personality test

1Hey guys welcome back!
Oh, it feels great to be back
I'm excited for this one :)
As am I, answer #3
Let's get started already!
Can someone please explain why answer #5 is always so grumpy?
*whispers* it must be his time of the month ;D lol
Haha nice!
Let's just remember not to get upset like last time.
Yeah last time was chaotic. Maybe that's why we were so popular
2What is pi?
Nah I'm more of a fan of cake.
Wait wait! The food or the number?!
The number, dumba**
Seriously, answer #5, what's your issue?
Like I said he's pmsing
You mean he's preparing to meet satan?! 0.0
No that's not what it means.
Why are we talking about this..?
3Do you have any pets?
I have two dogs
How can we have dogs? We are just answers created by the mind of question guy
They are virtual dogs. I have a cocker spaniel :D
Haha you said c*** XD
Wow your immature.
Shut up, answer #5! We are all just trying to have fun! It's boring enough answering questions
Fight fight fight fight!
Fight fight fight fight!!
Hey don't egg them on!
Oh god I think it it might go to chaos again pretty soon.
4Chill out guys.
Your right.
Help! I'm stuck in the freezer!
Umm.. Why is he in the freezer in the first place?
"CHILL OUT" he was making a pun.
And a pretty stupid one at that.
For once I actually agree with answer #5. That was pretty stupid.
I have to say so far this quiz is pretty boring.
Yeah I think question guy is out of ideas
Does that mean it's the end of the completely pointless quiz series?!
No no! That means we are going to die soon! I don't wanna die ;(
5Guys guys, no ones going to die. Now let's just get back to the questions
Alrighty then.
Yay I get to live!! Hahah!
You know we aren't living things in the first place.
Did anybody else notice thst answer #4 disappeared
If we can't die then where did answer #4 go?
He told me he was going to the bathroom.
Wait. There's a bathroom in this thing? Where? I'm just in a box.
Are you sure? If your not asking us questions then why do we even exist?
6There's going to be more! Just answer the dang questions!
Woah bro come on chill out.
Yeah we were just worried. Don't get mad at us!
Let's just get to the questions
Hey guys I'm back. What'd I miss?
Oh nothing really. Just more stupidity.
Who you calling stipid?
The one that spelt stupid "stipid"
I like tertles
I like trains. Oh wait no! I mean I like kittens! *kitten flies into face*
7If you had a million dollars what would you do?
Hmmmm, A million 1 dollar hookers or two 500,000 dollar hookers?
Suit made of gold!
Suit made of diamonds!
Diamonds made of suits!
I'd spend it on guns for the impending apocalypse!
You actually believe in zombies?
Zombies are awesome!!
Nah vampires are where it's at
B*tch plz, werewolfs all the way.
What would we do with money. We aren't real...
8Hey listen, if you guys think you can ask better questions then how about you guys do it!?
Okay we will!
I got one: what is 2+2?
No it's fish!
No it's pie
You mean pi
Wrong! It's 22!
Omg! Answer #3 was right! You all are idiots!
Have you guys ever felt claustrophobic from these super small boxes around us?
yeah, all the time.
Hey question guy is gone.
Do you think he was serious??
Plz come back question guy ;(
We need you question guy ;(
Wait... If he's gone.. Do we even exist...?
Guys?... I'm all alone... Did any of them even exist? Or were they the quiz takers imagination.

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