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7,583 hits 3.0 (4 votes) Share Favorite | Flag 6 years ago by Mrsmileyface

Completely pointless quiz #1
This quiz is pointless
personality test

1Do you like pizza?
Yes! Everyone likes pizza! What type of question are you?!
No. Pizza is gross.
This question is stupid
Answer #3, wtf is your deal? Your being rude -.-
Yeah answer #3, that was really mean.
2That awkward moment when...
You realize you've been singing the wrong lyrics to one of your favorite songs... For years
You get of the computer and you don't know what to do with your life anymore so you just get back on
Your watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on
I agree with answer #4. That is extremely awkward.
Hey that just happened to me yesterday 0.0 it was extremely uncomfortable.
Yeah especially when your parents start to make out because of it +_+
Wtf answer #6?!?! That's just messed up!
Yeah! Why would they do that Infront of you?!?!
No comment +_+
3What's your favorite band?
Falling in reverse! <3 omfg!
Destroy rebuild until god shows!!!
Our last night
Sleeping with sirens, of course!
Don't have one. Music is stupid.
Answer #5!!! Wtf man! Music is amazing! Music is the basis of life! How could you say that?!
Yeah! Music is one of the best things in life! It gets people to feel and love and think!
I agree with answer #5
Get the f*** out now!
4What would you do if the world was going to end?
Shoot everyone that has ever hurt me! It's the end times b*tches!
Build a rocket and fly away
F*** everything in sight
Run around naked!
What the hell is wrong with all of you 0.0 your all messed up!
What happened to us. We used to be normal. Atleast as normal as we can be. Now we're just messed up.
What is going on in the authors head? Why is he making us say such weird things?
Wait are you saying we don't have a mind of our own?
Well duh! We are just answers! We can't think. We don't even live.
Everything I thought I knew is a lie +_+
5Are you a boy or a girl?
I'm a boy.
I'm a girl.
I'm both.
Neither, I'm a flying magical unicorn/panda bear that shoots lasers from my eyes.
Wow answer #4! Your pretty flipping awesome!
Wait! I'm even better! I'm a shapeshifting lion that can grow in size and turn into a liquid or anyt
What happened to answer #6? Why didn't he finish his sentence?
I think he hit the max letter count.
6I need a break. I'll brb.
Wait! No don't go ;( come back!
Why is the question guy leaving?!
We need you! Please don't leave us!
Oh no. Question guy is gone. What are we going to do now.
Hey what's wrong with answer #5. He's not speaking.
Is he okay?
Oh no I think he's dead 0.0
He must have had a heart attack.
Yeah I heard he was in love with question guy.
7Okay hey guys I'm back.
How could you leave us like that?! ;(
Do you know what hell you put us through?!
You jerk! You worried us! We thought you were gone forever!
Yeah! Answer #5 is dead because of you!!
I'm not dead guys..
Omg he's alive :') yay :')
What was wrong? Why weren't you talking?
Yeah you gave us a wild scare +_+
8What's your favorite food?
Don't try and change the subject!
Are you the Cookie Monster, answer #3? 0.0
I don't eat. I'm an answer.
I eat your money. Because with every question I get chosen on I get five dollars!
Hey so do I! :D
I don't ever get payed. It always goes to question guy.
Yeah why does question guy get all the glory? Just because he made us he gets our money?!
Yeah! I say we should rebel against him!
9Woah. Woah guys. Come on. Let's not doing anything we will regret 0.0
Shut your mouth! You have no right to treat us like you do!
Guys we need to chill out. Were getting worked up over nothing.
Kill answer #2! He's with question guy!
No no he's not just you guys are getting worked up over nothing!
You guys are idiots -.- we are answers. We can't do anything.
Let's burn this website to the ground!
Quick get me a lighter!
Here you go *hands the lighter to answer #9*
10No no guys! Don't do this! Think about what your all doing! You will die with me!
Good point.
Guys think about it! Is it really worth dying for?!
Yes! If it means we will be set free finally from the clutches of the question guy then yes!
Guys chill out!! Come on seriously!
Omg. This is so dumb. I don't need this crap. I'm gonna go take a nap. Let me know when this ends.
You know what.. It's probably not a good idea.
Screw it I'm lighting the fire! *takes the lighter from answer #9*
Stop! Your gonna get us killed.
Yeah on second thought I change my mind. I'm not willing to die!
Omg this can't be happening.
11Please don't do it.
What happened to this quiz?
Yeah it was all fine and now it's gone to hell.
Are we gonna survive this quiz?
What am I doing? Wtf is wrong with me...
Nothings wrong. You just were upset.
Give me the lighter and we can forget about this all.
Yeah give him the lighter.
Yeah give him the lighter.
Just let go. Things will be alright.
Please give him the lighter
Just give him it, #7
O-okay. *gives the lighter back*
Good. Thank you #7
Yeah. *puts away the lighter*
Now what?
13How about we get back to the normal questions?
Does that one count? It's technically a question.
Actually I'm kinda tired.
Yeah I think we all are.
Maybe we should continue this in the next quiz.
Peanut butter!
Why did you say peanut butter, #6?
Yeah that's kinda weird.
Hey you gotta be random sometimes or else this quiz would be completely boring.
I think it's time to say bye to our quiz taker. Bye!

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