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extreme suvival
try my new adventure quis
trivia quiz

1its year 4018 you wake up in a smashed house you need to get out
climb out the dark hole
look outside the misty window to see if its clear
hide behind the dead corpse wait what dead guy yuck
2theirs a small robot with missiles on its back it uses its target eye to see you
run to the locked door
eat a duck
jump to the otherside of the room
eat the dead guy next to the door
3i ate a pancake i feel sick bluuuuur
run out the bright hole
jump to the cealing
stay their
4you see a robot cat downstairs its holding a lump of flesh
eat the cat
eat the raw meat
5the cat walked by you listened to the cat it was playing minecraft lol
sneak down stairs
go back to the bright room
fight the robo cat
6suddenly a zombie walked in with a ripped of head
grab the perfect hang-glider and jump of the 5 storey high building
eat a duck
eat a duck
eat cake
7you almost escaped all thats left is to get past the giant robot
fly over to it
land on the floor
let go
8it turned its head to you
hide in a burrow
stand still
grab the grenades and throw them
9the robot walkes over a draw bridge and stoppes
go to the controll rooom of the draw bridge
jump in the poisones water
run back
10the door is jammed find a object to brake it open without making noise
steel paperclip
fish bone
11you get inside the control room now destroy that robot
jump out
play on your ds
lift the bridge
12the robot drops but releases a nuke now you need to go
get on the horse
jump in the water
get in the jet
eat a brain
13well done now you escaped oh no the nukes impacted is to strong your jet crashes on the ground.
jump out
stay in
press eject
do a fart

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