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Are you aggressive?
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personality test

1You find out your BFF is dating your crush. What do you do?
Take a deep breath and tell them you understand.
Pin them down to the ground and tell them they know you like them.
Slam them against the wall and scream at them until the next period and swear that you won't talk to them ever again.
2You receive an F on your next report card. What do you do?
Ask your teacher how you can improve.
Scream at them and try to convince them that they screwed up.
Scream at them and act up until they change the grade.
3You accidentally mistake an old style magazine for the newest one. You go to school wearing out of style clothing. A bunch of people start making fun of you. What do you do?
Tell somebody and follow the steps your guidance counselor gave you.
Come up with a plan that'll get them in detention.
Yell at them and threaten to beat them up.
4Your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you for your worst enemy. What do you do?
Flirt with them and try to convince them to come back.
Act nice to your enemy and give them poison so they'll get sick.
Scream and kick both of them.
5Your crush likes you bc they flirt with you, but starts giving you mixed signals and flirts with others instead. What do you do?
Ask them out before anyone else has a chance to.
Ask them why and scream at them and get them to tell you who they really like.
Pin them down and tackle them until they promise to stop.

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