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How will you die?
In case you ever wondered
personality test

1Your ideal holiday would be?
Something quiet. On the beach or by a pool maybe.
Rocking it out in the clubs/bars.
Just having a laugh with some mates.
Doing something insane.
Just sitting at home.
2What about friends?
I have a good social group and am socially active
Me and mates are the hard-asses of the community, and have well earned respect
I don`t really have/need many friends, I get along fine on my own
I have a select group of friends that share my interests and ambitions
I`m the guy that people spit on when they see me in public
3What would your futre home be most like?
A neat little house, everything is perfect, just how i like it
My house a mess, the way a real home should be
Well not exactly nice.... or clean.... i guess it would be a bit of a cesspool
My house would be wild, partys every day and people constantly swinging off the rafters
A death pit. Where i store my victims bodies....
4Profession/ideal profession?
Well I guess if it keeps me happy and puts food on the table.
It would be medical, I like to help people.
It is wild and exciting.
Trash Collector.
Police or Military.
5What kind of person are you?
Erm, just normal I guess.
Very cautious and careful.
Fun and easy to get along with
Always up for something wild.
Some people call me emo, but I try to ignore them.
6What knd of music?
Bit of everything
Dark and sinister
Rap and techno
Classic rock
Pop or jazz
7What is/was your favourite subject at school?
Was just the general subjects-- maths, English, etc.
Cross Country! I love getting muddy in the rain!
Craft and design
I was bullied at school so I never really went if I could help it.
Screw school!

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