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Which Mortal Instruments Character Are You?
Find out which Mortal Instruments character you are.
personality test

1You witness a murder; what do you do?
Scream and call the cops.
Murder? What murder?
I throw myself in and try to get killed.
Hello, I have a whip. I whip 'em!
I'm magical, people. I can attack them from where I stand.
I'd think of a plan...
I've already thought of a plan, but I don't give a shiznit if everyone's already dead.
2Your house is trashed and your parents are missing. What do you do?
Go in--the kidnapper obviously isn't there anymore.
Hello, I said, 'I HAVE A WHIP!'
I'll suck their blood.
I'm friggin' magical.
Shut up, I'm devising a plan...
I'll go in, just to see if I can get myself killed, and alo for a good fight.
I don't give a shiznit.
3You see a Silent Brother with his hood down. You...?
Panic and flip out.
Silent Brothers are good guys--act normal.
Kill him.
Do nothing.
4Your girl- or boyfriend comes knocks on your door early in the morning. What do you do?
Send them away. I need my beauty rest.
Kill them; nobody disturbs me.
Send them to your tutor after making a sarcastic remark about nude art.
Invite them in.

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