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Beautiful Paths
Pick a path, then see what happens down it.
personality test

1You are getting ready to take a walk. Where do you want to go?
Somewhere with a high cliff and a slight breeze. Some rain would be nice too.
A place.. Close to nature... With creatures living together in harmony.
A place with trees, or an area that hasn't been explored yet.
A place with a lake... An amazing vortex where life and death compete.
2Okay. Now, Tell Me A Little About Yourself. Favorite Color Out Of The Listed?
Blue, Aqua, or Turquoise.
Green, Mint, or Teal.
Black, Grey, or White.
Red, Orange, Yellow, or Gold.
3Favorite Animal of These?
I love all animals. No rightful opinion on this.
Sea Turtle, Shark, or Dolphin.
Deer, a type of Bird, or Squirrel.
A Cat or Dog.
4What is your Zodiac?
Aries *march 21- april 19*
Taurus *april 20- may 20*
Gemini or Cancer *may 21- july 22*
Leo *july 23- august 22*
Virgo or Libra *august 23-october 22*
Scorpio *october 23- november 21*
Sagittarius *november 22- december 21*
Capricorn *december 22- january 19*
Aquarius *january 20- february 18*
Pisces *february 19-march 20*
5Which of these song lyrics fit you best?
If We Dissolved Without A Trace.. Would The Real World Even CARE? - The Real World
Yesterday is History.. Tomorrow's a Mystery.. - Mirrors
Dip Your toes in the Galaxy 'cause it's yours to explore tonight! - Alligator Sky
No Matter What we Breed, We Still Are Made of Greed. - Demons
This is it, The Apocalypse. - Radioactive
Kamikaze Over Me.. OH COMET COME DOWN. - Kamikaze
No guilt in Life, No fear in Death. - In Christ Alone
In the Middle of September we'd Still Play Out in the Rain. -September
Creatures lie here.. Looking Through the Window! -Monster
From the Disappearance of my Lost Soul. -INsANitY
6Pick a Path.
1- Swarming with animals.
2- Uncharted Areas
A wide Ocean
A cliff to watch the stars.
7Pick a Second Path.
1- A clearing in the woods.
2- Deep forest.
3- Undersea life.
4- Galaxies.
8Click the button to find your answer. How was this quiz?
It stunk.

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