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Could YOU become a companion to the Doctor?
Could you be one of the doctors awesome, sassy companions? Take the test to find out!
personality test

1A door is unlocked but it says do not enter... What do you do?
Well duh it says do not enter for a reason!
A peek can't hurt...
Oh whatever! That doer isn't my boss!
2You hear a weird noise and people are running away from the direction it came from... What do you do?
Run! I don't want to die!
Try to look over the crowd maybe move a bit closer...
Run into the mess of people! I need to know what that sound is!!!
3Something just doesn't feel right... What do you do?
Hope the feeling goes away!
Look into it a bit but stop when it gets hard!
Go detective style! I must know!
4You see a strange man all alone but he's doing something weird... What do you do?
He's alone for a reason!
See if I could help a bit
Follow him to see what he's up to
5The strange man with no name invites you to travel with him. He said his name was the doctor... What do you do
Tell him no! I don't know him!
Maybe... I'll get to know him first
Yeah he just showed me the time of my life!!

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