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Are you a sneaker head?
For kick fanatics
personality test

1Are you willing to spend more than $150 on a pair of sneakers?
$150??!! What a deal!
$150? Maybe $100.
You must be crazy! I`m not spendin more than $20
2Do you own more than 30 pairs of sneakers?
30 is an understatement!
It`s more like 15.
Just one trusty pair!
3What`s your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?
I`m lactose intolerant
Don`t like ice creams
Strawberry Crunch Board Flip 2`s
4If you just walked out a shoe store, and saw someone else wearing the shoe you just bought, you would:
Kill them, hide the evidence, burn their shoes, and buy some different ones!
Get a different pair
What a coincidence!
5What do you want for your birthday?
Some Vans ( but that PS3 sounds nice too)
I want nike AF1 x Hufquakes and I want you to steal that loser`s PS3!

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