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What is your inner evil?
It isnt real guys, just go with the flow.
personality test

1Your life is falling apart, your good has sunk away and nothing is left with you but pure wickedness. What say you?
I will consume my enemies in the shadows
I will watch my enemies burn.
I will let my enemies destroy themselves.
I will spill the blood of all who oppose me.
You want nothing, but death and destruction no matter the cost.
2You leave your home feeling worse than before, when a man bumps into you and yells "Are you f**cking blind? WATCH WHERE YOU"RE GOING!!!" What do you do.
Follow him, Make sure he is never seen again. Not even at his funeral
Decimate all he has. Then him.
Destroy everything precious to him. Enjoy his suffering.
Kill him right there, right then.
3Your brother, very close to you was murdered the other day. What do you do.
Destroy him, Destroy his home, his belongings, even his family.
Make his guilt consume him. Watch him drive slowly to insanity.
Find him. Become his shadow, then pounce for the kill
Find him. Show no mercy.
4The bank took your home, your money, and your child. And responsible is one man. How do you handle this situation.
Make him feel all the pain you felt.
Find him, wait for him and make his disappear
Snap his neck. He deserves to die.
Burn his business. Burn his life!!!
5A man wants you dead. He is hunting you with shadows. What do you do?
Kill him on sight.,
Beat him at his own stealth game.
Make sure he has nothing to do the job with. Left with nothing.
Scare him, Haunt his life. Drive him insane.
6Look into the most evil parts of your mind. What do you see?
I see death wherever i look.
I see insanity,
I see destruction. the world before me burning.
I see darkness. nothing but shadows and silence.

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