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What kind of Jedi are you?
Well see jsut what kind you are.
personality test

1During a field mission you see a Jedi break the code. What do you do?
Report him! Who knows what he could do next?
Yell at him. Tell him it is not the Jedi Way!
Reason with him. Tell him to work on his habits and follow the code.
2A Jedi comes to you telling you he is dealing with a big problem. What do you do.
Offer your services to help overcome the problem.
Enlist the help of a few sources to give the Jedi the ability to take care of his problem.
Talk with him. Ask him his problems and tell him how to overcome it.
3During a battle with a rogue sith they run off from you. What do you do
Chase after them. They cannot be allowed to get away!
Use your radio. Your sources and allies will help catch them.
Wait. The time will come that they are brought to justice.
4A Padawan is killed during a training. What do you do?
Find the person responsible, punish them harshly.
Look for the person responsible and bring them before the Jedi Council.
Find the person responsible and reason with them. Make them tell you why, but they must be punished.
5You learn there is a double agent inside the order. What do you do?
Find them and kill them.
Take a team of troopers and arrest them.
Call them out. Make them give in.

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