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Are you good or evil?
See your spot on the moral compass.
personality test

1You see a homeless man asking for money what do you do.
Give him 50$. He needs it more than you
Give him 5$. He will appreciate it.
Ignore him, but feel pity you could not help him
Ignore him. No satisfaction in the fact, but no regrets.
Ignore him. he doesnt need your money.
Take his money. he's never gonna live off of that!
Kill the homeless man. He does nothing but get in the way
2You see a store being robbed at gunpoint. What do you do?
Sacrifice your own life to apprehend the robbers.
Call the police immediatly.
Run and hope the people inside make it alright.
Run for you life! Save yourself!
Walk away. They dont need your help.
Kill the robbers and take everything they stole as your own.
Kill the robbers but also everyone inside, The prize should be yours.
3You see a little black boy being discriminated against. What do you do?
Go over there and make sure the bullies leave that poor boy.
Walk over and defend that boy.
Do nothing but hope he is ok afterwards.
Do nothing. it is their business not yours
Do nothing, Laugh at what the bullies say. It is funny.
Join in the insulting.
Attack the boy. he deserves it.
4a relative is murdered and you have just received the news. What do you do?
Mourn the loss and comfort other grieving family members.
Cry. You two were close..
Dont cry. But hope your other family members get through this.
Not a tear. Not a care.
Not a tear. Not like you guys ever liked each other or anythin.g
Laugh. You hated him and glad to see him gone.
Spit on his grave. He deserves it.
5You are in a brutal argument with your significant other and they just said something that really made you mad. What do you do?
Calm yourself down and tell them what they just said really hurt you.
Calm down and just walk away.
Stay calm. Try not to do anything rash.
Do nothing. just walk away. it didnt hurt.
Walk away angry. Take your anger out somewhere else.
Snap in anger and yell a brutal insult back.
Attack them. You are sick of their crap.

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