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What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character are you? 2003 - 2007 version!
Which turtle are you?
personality test

1You see your friend getting bullied by the popular and fiercest group in the school. What do you do?
You walk away pretending you didn't see anything and hope your friend didn't spot you
You march up and defend your friend, hoping that you get to teach the snobs a lesson for once
You go over and pull your friend away while making a few jokes
You run and call a teacher
You go and ask what's going on hoping to get the group to leave them alone someway and avoid a fight
You go up to them and insult and humiliate them so bad they walk away
2Your parents tell you that you're not allowed to go to a party. What do you do?
There plenty other parties to go to, I'll go to the next one
I hardly ever get to go to a party! I'm going whether they like it or not
Sneak out. No one tells me what to do.
They're my parents, they've done so much to me. I guess I won't go this time
At least I can get my work done quicker.
I do my best to get them to let me go.
No worries, tomorrow I'll make up that last night I went to my cousin's pool party and....
3You see a thin stray dog trying to get your attention. What do you do?
You pet it and walk away
You give him some food so he doesn't starve
You take him to an animal care centre
"Aww! I'm going to care for you and hug you and call you George!"
You take him home and hope your parents allow you to keep him
4A gang corners you in an alley. What do you do?
You scream and hope someone hears you
You try to run past them and if you succeed you try to out run them
You get into battle position and wait for them to make a move
You try to talk them out of hurting you
You panic and freeze
You get into battle position. "I can take them, no prob"
Hit the nearest one and try to run away
5Your friend comes to you with a problem. What do you do?
Listen and try to work out the problem
Listen to them and get them to work it out while giving a few tips here and there
Continue what your doing while listening and then act like a wise old man
Beat the problem, that's my motto
6You see someone you love cutting themselves and you can tell they are about to make the final blow. What do you do?
Run over to them, snatch the knife, throw it somewhere and hug them while crying.
Run over, snatch the knife and yell at them
Snatch the knife, throw it away, hug them and get them to tell you what happened
Snatch the knife and get them to tell you what happened then go beat up the person
You take the knife from them and help them home and then take them to a mental hospital
You leave them, it's not your problem
You freeze and watch them make the final blow and walk/run away
You freeze and see them make the final blow, snap out of it and take them to a hospital
7What your favorite colour? (Asking cuz I felt like it)
8Who's your favorite TMNT character?
Leather head
9Do you like indoors or outdoors better?

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