Are you a Night Fury? A Monstrous Nightmare? A Terreble Terror? Take this quiz and find your dragon type. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Dragon from HTTYD are you?
Are you a Night Fury? A Monstrous Nightmare? A Terreble Terror? Take this quiz and find your dragon type.
personality test

1What is your favorite thing to eat?
Roasted seafood
I'll eat anything! I'm not picky.
Anything but eel.
2Are you fast?
I'd suppose I am.
Speed does not matter as much as endurance!
The fastest and most stylish.
3What do you like to do when you're alone?
Ponder such things as the meaning of life.
I'm never alone. I've got friends everywhere!
Gaze intently at myself in a mirror.
I like to antagonize my other head.
Sleep and eat!
Keep a close eye on my eggs.
4Someone throws a stone at you! What do you do?
First assault! Now it's my turn.
Oh no! He chipped my spike! Burn him to ashes!
Get help! My friends will help me!
Set myself on fire, and ram him. Ram him hard!!!
5Could you make a lot of friends if you wanted to?
It's very well possible.
I don't.... Wait, didn't we already go through this?
To me , you can never have too many friends!
Too tired.... Yawn.
6Someone is caught in a burning building! Do you help him?
I may be stubborn and selfish, but when it comes to a life, I can't sit and do nothing!
Just one second.... Yes! Just as long as I can still look good.
Many after a quick nap....
7Both your family and your friend are in trouble. The situation is life threatening! What do you do?
Calculate every possible solution that may help me save both.
Gather my friends. We put our heads together and figure out a plan!
I track down the person who did it, and save my family!
8Which dragon is your favorite?
Deadly Nadder
Terreble Terror
Night Fury
Monstrous Nightmare
Change wing
Hiddious Zippleback

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