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Which The Walking Dead Character are you?
Test it!
personality test

1Someone needs to go to the city, would you?
No I am the leader
I go If someone else goes too
I go!
2You have no group, but you see one, would you join them?
Yes I need to survive right?
No I do everything on my own!
Yes sure
3Someone needs to hunt, would you go?
Yes ofcourse!
I need to lead so no
Sorry, i cant hunt
4A strange guy wants to join, do you let him?
Yes ofcourse!
No, ofcourse not!
I am not so sure but okay...
Give him some food and water and send him on his way
5Your best friend has been bitten, now what!?
Kill him/her!
Put him/her in a cell
Try cutting of the bitten part
6Someone of your group is acting strange, now what?
Ask him/her
Dont mind
Confront him/her
7There are to many Walkers, you see one of your team almost being caught by the walkers, you have a motor/car, you do...?
Help him/her!
Let him/her get chaught
8You are the only surviving member of your team, now what?
Search for another group
Become paranoid
Commit suicide
9Someone is dying, you can't do anything, he/she has a lot of pain, what do you do?
Shoot him/her out of mercy
Do nothing
Keep trying to help!
10There is almost no food/water anymore, someone is drinking water, what do you do?
Take it and drink it!
Let him/her drink
Ask for some water

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