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what avatar last airbender white lotus master are you
Bumi, Piandao, Paku, Jeong Jeong, or Iroh? Please comment on who you get!!!!!
personality test

1What nation do you belong to
Fire nation
Earth Kingdom
Water tribe
2how do you feel about the war
disgusted and dont want no part in it
want to destroy the fire nation
want you to do your part and find your destiny for the war
do what it takes to keep your nation safe
3what is your personality like?
crazy, goofy, funny, imiginative
caring, loving, wise,
quiet, lonely, tempermental, wise
protective, wise, strict, loving
4how bult are you
toned, some muscle but not too much, 5'8" to 5'10"
really tall, some muscle,
big as in really strong or fat, average height
average height, average muscle mass
5what is your voice tone
high pitch voice
deep voice
medium tenorish voice
6what is most important to you
bending and fighting skills
your nation
7what is your role on the team when in battle
your the leader and do the primary mission
you are on the offensive attack and help take down the guards and fire benders inside
you give your team defensive support with some attacks here and there
8what is your dream to do someday
own a tea shop
become king of your nation
to end the war peacefully
to be a mentor and teacher to the people that do not have the power to bend
to rejoin your family
9how are you remembered in the past
the failure that couldnt take down ba sing sei due to a loss of a family member
the crazy kid that people thought would never become so strong and wise
the guy that lost your fiance due to tradition in your nation
the master that trained a (present) evil fire admiral
u dont have a great past
10favorite food or beverage
hard rock cand
cooked slugs
11Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!! ( this does not count on your outcome)

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