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Which Scrubs character are you?
Which character from the TV show Scrubs are you most like?
personality test

1You arrive at work and see that your office has been moved to the other side of the building, this moves you far away from everything you need to do your job. Your reaction is
be angry but keep it to yourself
ask for it to be switched back but give up when your request is turned down
tell your boss that you won`t be able to work as well with the new position of your office and respectfully demand change
throw a fit and keep complaining until you get it switched
think of a sneaky plan to get back at your boss and put it into full effect
2The phrase you would most likely use is:
"Get to work Sally, no one cares about your problems"
"First one to the car wins!"
"I miss you, I miss us."
"Get it together, its hard to survive in this world"
3You are most afraid of:
appearing weak
admitting your weaknesses
what people think of you
being bad at your job
4You speak:
German and English
Spanish and English
English only
English and God`s Word
The Truth
5Your best friend is:
Your spouse/significant other
Your best friend from school/college
Your coworker
6Your special talent is:
Putting others down
Winning everything
Giving others advice
Always having a boyfriend/girlfriend
Brightening people`s day
7Lastly, you are:
African American
Dominican/Puerto Rican

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