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Are you A WIzard or A Sorcerer?
Do you Stand against the Chaos or Do you Command it?
personality test

1where do you live?
A city
An academy
The wastelands
The Wilds
Places with large amounts of magical energy
A Cave
The Ruins of Civilization
No one home, I travel across the world
The Magical World
2How much power would you like to have?
I want to be Powerful!
Enough to Survive
alot, I'm a natural to this stuff..
3why would you want your powers?
To Be Strong
To Help People
I only care for Survival
That's personal
I'm Not Strong And Nor Should I Be
I do not seek power but if it comes to me whilst on my journey then so be it.
I have never thought about why I'd want power.
That's a question we should all ask ourselves
4What unlocked your powers?
A Near Death Experience
An Ancient, Ruined Temple
Coming Of Age
Ive always had them
I Don't Have Powers
That's a Family Secret.
5Why are you here?
Because I want to be here..
I felt Like it
I don't even know..
It was the First one I saw..
Because I Am
6Which of these Describes you the closest?
Massive Ego
7What is your Nemesis?
Demon Lord
Ancient Dragon
Purified Angel
8You are Fighting a Corrupt God of Darkness what do you do?
A Corrupt God? That brings back memories..
I try to find A diplomatic way of things..If This fails I fill the sky with lightning
We Argue and Bicker like Children for A few Centuries
maybe...Just Once...I'l Try
I Send it Directly to the Devine Courts To say Hi to The Other Gods
I set the Land ablaze, there will be No shadows left
I hold it off, waiting for my allies to arrive
9The World is In Chaos... It Seems That Final Battle with the Corrupt God Tipped it over the Edge What Will You Do?
Cleanse the world with my own Power
Lead Mankind Out of this corruption with the powers of Knowledge
Unite the Orders of Magic and re-balance the world
This world has been under the leadership of fools for far to long, I will take the Helm Myself!
10Whatever you Did It Worked and the World is once more in balance
I seize this opertunity to take the throne and Rule!
I Continue My Life as I always have
People Begin to Fear My Powers And I become A Legend for eons to come
I Become A Myth and Fade Into the Background of Life, only Returning when I'm needed
11You Have Ascended to Myths and Legends., Your Name Is spoken of by Gods and Demons alike You are respected and Feared. What Sort of Myth are you?
An Epic Tale off Good vs Evil
An Old Tale told by Swamp Fishers to scare their Children
A Story off what Happens When two Epic Forces Of Evil Collide
My Name Is Enough to Make the Gods Tremble
Speaking my Name Unleashes long Sleeping Powers and Re-awakens Me
12What alignment are you?
13one last question: What is your legendery Weapon of Choice?
greater Knowledge
my Hands
The Arts
Magical Forces

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