Maybe you use YT to quell your insecurities about time-displacement.
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In which time should you have been born?
Maybe you use YT to quell your insecurities about time-displacement. I don`t know. I`m tired.
personality test

1War should be all...
Bad and religious, with the impaling of babies.
Tragic and honorable.
As part of a strategic plan to better society. It will work, too.
2How do you feel about money?
All of it is mine.
I hate it because people use it to buy indulgences! I mean... bribe people!
My fingers hurt from engraving it.
Where is it please? I need gruel and maybe something to use as a blanket. My wife is having a baby and also dying.
The only thing worse than being poor is being rich. -laughs pompously-
3Would you survive in a world without ... cell phones?!
No, for mine is the focus of my life.
I would miss the tiny helicopter games, but would move on.
Yes. I would cry tears of happiness, find religion and travel the world giving away my money.
This question is so offensive. I refuse to acknowledge it.
4Religion is great because -
I like to rail against it! Down with the sperit!
I wield power with it.
I profit from it.
It is our only hope of being saved from this wretched stinking miserable famine-infested illusion called Earth.
Mine is unique and I can be an individual and such.
5What makes you disturbingly excited?
Washboards! Oh man.
Marchy soldiers.
Crossing myself.
I`d rather not say. For it is scandalous. SCANDALOUS. Note this.
6Your idol/enemy is:
Someone who isn`t a communist, that`s for sure.
Charlemagne, converting those noble Saxons. He made the heathens COWER IN PIETY.
Leonardo da Vinci because I AM HIM.
Alexander the Great. He was God, I tell you. Also hot.
I don`t know, someone who bombed someone else.

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