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Which Heroes character are you?
Find your inner Hero
personality test

1How close do you want others to get to you?
You want them to like but not know you
You give them everything you have
You like the idea of it but not really the people trying
People there are people here?
You are having enough problems with family why add other people to it?
2How much does you future matter to you?
I make the future they way I want it to be
I just go with the flow
I am still dealing with the past don`t have time for the future
It only matters when I am high
If I don`t like the outcome I will try again
3If pushed against a wall what do you do?
Push back and kick some ass
Smile give a little wave and don`t let them see you sweat.
I paint the wall
Close my eyes and concentrate on somewhere else.
Deal with it I can take anything
4Do you like being part of a group?
It is my greatest dream
Is my dealer part of this group?
Only if I am the leader
I try it because it is what is expected of me.
Only if it is family
5Do you believe in 2nd chances?
Yeah, I just try it again
I want to but don`t know
I do it perfect the 1st time
Won`t kill me to try for one.
2nd, Man I am already one my 5th or 6th
6What super power would you want to have?
To fly
I am all about controling time.
I want to be indestructible
Just pile all that stuff on
I would like to be the mastermind behind the scenes

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