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How well do you know World War 2 time zone?
this will include WW 2, events in history around it. So, get ready.
trivia quiz

1What made the Vietnam War different?
It was not different,.
It was a war with no front lines, and the Vietnamese would come out from tunnels underneath
The Vietnam leader declared a violence treaty
America bombed Vietnam 4 times more than Japan
2In WW2, who were the fascists?
Only Hitler.
Hitler, Jimmy Carter.
There were none.
Francisco Franco, Benito Mussilini, Adolf Hitler
Hitler, Saddam Hussein
3What were flappers?
They were women that went against the normal and wore short skirts and cut their hair short.
Women that followed every order by man
They made technology for the war.
They sabotaged the Allies
4Why was America brought into the war?
Hitler put concentration camps in America.
Benitto kidnapped our soldiers.
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
We weren't brought in, we were in the war from the beginning.
5Of which, who did Germany invade?
None of the above
6What did the 19th Amendment do?
Granted suffrage to women
Set Jews free
Ended fascism
Gave voting rights
7What did being "drafted" mean?
Made young men join the army
Made old people quit the army
Allowed you to switch sides
8How long did WW2 last?
1939 to 1945
1960- 2000
1942- 1955
1700- 1800
9Last and most important question. How did WW2 end?
It had to end, everyone was dead.
Allied powers surrendered.
Hitler got killed
Axis powers surrendered

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