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What 28 days later Character are you
Ar e you, jim, salena, hannah, frank, or mark
personality test

1What would you do if you were attacked by a group of infected
run away
shoot at them
hit them with a blunt object
get the other's in your group to safety
2What would be your weapon of choice
Base ball bat
a gun
golf clubs
none you don't need one
a car
3one of the members of your group was bitten, what do you do
kill them imidiately, better for everyone
leave that person where thay won't be abal to hurt any one
ask them what they want, after all they were bitten not you
Stay with that person even after the rest leave, no one should die alone
Cut off where they were bitten and hope it works
4YOU were bitten, but no one else saw what happend what do you do
stay with the group, if you can't live why should they
cut off the infected limb, and hope for the best
leave the group after telling them you were bitten
kill your self, so that you won't hurt anyone
Ask one of the group to kill you, becuase you can't do it yourself
5Agroup of soldiers finf you, and can take 3 members of your group to safty who go's.
You and 2 others, the last 2 get to fend for themselves
you choose to stay behind, at least 3 off your friends will be safe
only you, the others can rot
you hannah and 1 other, hannah is the youngest and you are the strongest, so you pick the thrid.
no one becuase you don't trust the soldiers
6you find safety in a new community, but the leader is power hunger and orders all women be his s3x slaves, what do you do
leave, it's not worth harming yourself for the others
stay even though the 2 women in your group will be made slaves
kill the leader so no one has to be a slave
leave, this entire place is insane, the group can fend for themselves better
Accept being/leaveing on of the girls a slave so the others can stay and be happy

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