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Are you Good or Evil?
(There's Neutral, too)
personality test

1You wake up and find yourself in a dark room, which isn't yours. You see the door open; and a man who you've never seen comes towards you with a knife in his hands. What do you do?
Pray to God and say sorry for what you are about to do, then dodge his attacks and steal his knife.
Try to block/dodge his attacks then go behind him and hit him with a knock out punch.
Fight him but don't try hard to injure him, so that you can interrogate him later on.
Hit him a LOT that he is about to die and can barely talk, then question him.
Kick his butt and send him packing to hell
2The man accepts defeat and tells you that your father's business rival has hired him to kill you and he himself is going after your father. Do you kill the guy or leave him?
Save him and nurse his wounds.
Untie him and call an ambulance, then get out of there.
Just untie him. if he can't save himself then he doesn't deserve to live.
Just leave him there to rot. Maybe he will escape?
KILL HIM. He tried to do the same to you, after all.
3You go out and try to find your father. The man(who tried to kill you) had told you that he will be in (some random address). Do you go there.
Depends, what's in it for me?
No, not interested unless he is rich.
4What do you do normally during leisure? ( leaving the story aside for a minute).
Bully the neighbourhood pets and kids.
Stay in my room and do normal stuff.
Pray and volunteer your time.
Hang out with friends.
5(Back to the story.) You are walking along and see a weapons shop. WHat do you do?
Steal a double-blade Sabre. >:)
Barter for two handguns- one for each hand!
A BAZOOKA! (and steal soma ammo for it)
A weapon which doesn't do a lot of damage(a sling)
I don't want weapons. God will protect me! (given that I don't do anything stupid)
6Somehow there a fight between other customers starts in the shop-what do you do?
Start reasoning with people(A customer's dog tries to bite him.)
Put your hands and yell,"dont hit me!"
Kick the weapons out of other peoples hands(and try to run away)
Kick his nuts. (he's unconcious)
Just snatch a weapon and just massacre everything in the shop.
7The fight is over, what do you do?
Pay the shop owner for the damage and continue on to meet your father.
Tell the shop owner to send you the bill.And go in search of your father.
Go through all the bodies, picking up valuables and extra weapons-Forget your father.
While checking to see any of the victims are alive, you steal their wallets.
Walk over the bodies and wish the shop owner a good day and look for a place to wash up.
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