this quiz is for naruto fans all over it can be for boys or girls so enjoy! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which naruto girl is your anime mother
this quiz is for naruto fans all over it can be for boys or girls so enjoy!
personality test

1After getting in a fight with your best friend she...
Cleans you up
Asks you what happened
Moves the hair from your face
Tells you to take a nap and think about what happened
Teachs you new fighting moves to win the next fight
Listens to you explain your whole day and conferts you
Listens for a while then leave for her job
2Once you get home from training she tells you....
Your father wont be home tonight he has paper work
Your fathers going to teach you the next fireball jutsu tomarrow
Your dads going on a diet!
Be quite your father is very sleepy since he has to train with chunin all day
Sweet heart your sensie told me you won the fight IM SO PROUD!
I painted your room blue like you asked me
Im going for a walk see you in the morning
3Every night she feeds you and your father....
rice balls
soba noodles
Nothing she has us eat out
4After training you...
Ditch her to hang out with friends
Ask her to train you more tomarrow
Sleep in a tree with her
Train even more with her
Help her brush her hair
Help her clean up the training fields
heal your wounds and hers
5On your first day of the ninja acedemy she says to you...
Do the best you can do
Dont be shy
Just keep your outfit clean
Make sure your the best at your kunia throwing
Dont be scared just move like the wind
When your nerves make a flower out of paper
Come home when ever your want
6Your favoritething to do with her is...
Watch the clouds
Build paper plains
Nothing shes never home!
Take care of your baby brother/sister
Work in the flower shop with her
Help in the hospital
7When your going to bed she...
Tucks me in
Heals y cut ad sends me to bed
Combs your hair
Puts all your wepons away
Lets you stay up as long as you want
Lays next to you till you fall asleep
Locks you in your roo till your asleep
8Bye what did you think of the test?
hmph ive seen better
its very good
i didnt really like it
Not very interesting
Awesomely awesome!
very good

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