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What violation are you most likely to get a message from me about?
I`m here to warn you for breaking the rules on YT. Which one will you break next?
personality test

1Something really exciting happened to you today. How do you choose to tell YT?
I post a journal about it, but when no one posts in my journal, I bump it four times in a row.
I post it in the General forum. People generally find my life interesting, right?
It`s a thread about my sex life, so I think YT should see the pictures!
Yeah, so these 5th graderz are threaten to beat me up?
2Someone said something mean to you on YT. How do you react?
Make 10 hate threads, in different forums
To get back at them, send nude photos of yourself to their 15 year old sibling.
Curse `em out. That mother effin biatch deserves it for being such a @#$%.
Make a thread in the General forum whining about how everyone here is too mean
Whine to your momma.
3You find an interesting article about child porn on google news. Only problem is that someone posted the same article earlier in the day. What do you do?
Post in that thread about how child porn isn`t always the fault of the person who has it.
Create a new thread anyway. This deserves attention!
Since it`s already in the General forum, post about it in Old Skool.
Link to the already existing thread from threads in every other forum.
4Boob threads. What`s your opinion?
Mom says I shouldn`t be looking at boobs
Show me your f*ckin tits!!!!
EVERY female on here should have to post in them.
There should be a new boob thread every day.
I`m gonna show mine off, because that`s why people like me.
5What`s the purpose of the newbie forum?
Games and stuff!
Cursing out the stupid f*ckin newbies!
Asking people for advice on my States and Capitals test tomorrow
Posting my squid p0rn!
Hitting on new members who don`t know my reputation
6What`s the content of an average journal of yours?
I can`t believe this f*ckin` happened to me of all f*ckin` days today. What the f*ck is wrong with people?
I don`t make journals. If people want to find out about my day, they can read about it in my random suggestions threads.
"Let`s see pics of you in your new bathing suits!"
Telling off a specific member because they get on f*ckin my nerves.
7Funny comments thread, your thoughts?
I`m gonna post #16 after every comment I read in there.
I`m going to create an alternative funny comment thread, because the official one is lame. Stopped f*ckin` mods think they can control everything.
I think there should be one in the journal forum, because I never go to Generalz!
You know what`s truly funny? Squid porn.
This is where I can post the jokes i got in emails!!!
8Pick a colour:

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