Discover your personality type and find out which Disney character you are most like. Uses the Ennegram system to determine which of nine different types you match.  Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Disney personality are you?
Discover your personality type and find out which Disney character you are most like. Uses the Ennegram system to determine which of nine different types you match.
personality test

1At a party I`m....
the life of the party... I love having fun!
making sure everyone is having a good time- I`m a great host/hostess.
usually a little anxious, but if I have one or two close friends there it helps.
generally wishing I was somewhere else- I hate parties.
quickly bored- I could be getting caught up on work right now.
2If something needs to be done....
I`ll make sure it`s done right.
can`t it wait until tomorrow? I`d rather do something fun now.
I`ll do it because nobody else will.
3When people meet me....
they like me. I know how to make a good first impression.
I don`t always make a good first impression, but who cares?
they`ll like me. At least, I think they`ll like me. Do you like me?
4When I`m upset....
I can put aside my feelings to get the job done.
You`ll know about it. I`ll vent it out until I feel better.
I`ll go off to brood by myself until I work through my feelings.
I don`t show when something`s bothering me- I wouldn`t want to upset the people around me.
5People are interested in me because...
I`m insightful, unusual, and deep.
I`m outgoing, engaging and interested in them.
of my insight and knowledge.
they think I`m popular.
6Sometimes my...
need for personal space leads me to withdraw from others.
anxiety and worries seem to overwhelm me.
desire to please others makes it difficult for me to say no.
personality is too strong for sensitive people to handle.
desire for fun and excitement makes me impulsive and irresponsible.
7I like to think of myself as....
a great friend.
easy going.
8When I have confrontations with others I...
rarely back down.
what confrontations? I avoid them at all cost!
find it difficult to stand my ground unless I`m sticking up for someone else.
9I am usually....
active and energetic. I don`t need much down time.
laid back and quiet. I need time to myself to unwind.
too busy to notice what I need... I`ll stop and relax if there`s time leftover.
10When making decisions I rely most on my...
my gut instincts.
my intellect.
my emotional sensitivity.
11People expect me to be...
12Which statement best describes you:
I need to understand the world.
I am unique.
I am happy and open to new things.
I am affectionate and skeptical.
I do everything the right way.
I must help others.
I`ll do whatever it takes to care for my family and loved ones.
I am at peace.
I need to succeed.

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