I've talked to some people about my dream world and several suggested i make a quiz...so...here you are. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Survive in the world of my dreams?
I've talked to some people about my dream world and several suggested i make a quiz...so...here you are.
personality test

1Weapons of choice?
Sword, daggers, bow and arrows
Ax, traps, and dagger
Bombs, Traps, (You don't like to be in the middle of the fighting)
2Time of Day you go out the most?
Night. In the darkness
Morning. When everyone is still asleep
Afternoon, no one would expect me to be out.
3You find yourself in prison. You...
Sit back, relax, my people will come for me
Wait until about half an hour before guard change then attack and break out
Immediately try to break out but have a plan
4You are furious. A battle is coming up and you're in command. What do you do?
Anger clears my head and gives me strength. Stay in command, i can win this
Anger blinds. I could kill someone, Step down.
Go on a run before the battle to clear my head. If i can calm down i will stay.
Totally. I love him/her and they love me. I like the support.
Maybe if he's/she's special.
No frickin way. They would only weigh me down
Not really im a free spirit.
6Which is better?
Camo in a forest
Black in a dark room
White in a bright room
7Moving out. What do you pack?
Weapons, rations, and my necklace that reminds me of home
Med kit, daggers, binoculars
Nothing but a dagger and a heavy cloak. The forest takes care of the rations and the cloak the bed

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