This quiz shows if you are a normal person, good ninja, bad ninja or shoalin ninja. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Are you a Ninja?
This quiz shows if you are a normal person, good ninja, bad ninja or shoalin ninja.
personality test

1You see a new bank has come out and a bad ninja going inside to steal some cash, what do you do?
Then kill them when they come out and take the money.
OMG! Somebody is trying to steal. Call 911.
Alert the bank and try to hold the robber off.
Take the robber down, to rat town!
2If you could have any power in the world, what would it be?
Control of the World
I'd have the power to make everbody happy.
The soul protector of the universe
3You see a bad ninja beating up some poor hobo. What do you do?
Call 911.
Swoop in and save the hobo.
Join in on the fun.
Fight the bad ninja off and make sure the hobo is ok.
4Your choice of weapon.
Pepper spray.
Sword and maybe some stars.
Long swords and hidden dagers.
My fists, swords, and bow and arrow.
5What would you do if a bad ninja killed your family.
Cry and be depressed.
I was the ninja that killed my family.
Swear to find the ninja and put him in jail.
Find him, and end him.
6A bad ninja is gonna kill you. What do you do?
Confess all of your sins to God.
Catch him off guard and end him before he gets a chance to hurt me.
You're good at this. How bout we team up?
"You won't get away with this." *reveals a hidden dagger and stabs ninja*
7Are you gonna rate and comment?
Sure, I guess.
Ok, I might do one or the other.
I won't comment or rate.
I will comment and rate this quiz. It was cool.

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