Lately, there have been a lot of "would you survive a zombie apocalypse?" quizzes, so I decided to make up my own, but in the theme of the epic video game, Dead Space. Can you survive a necromorph apocalypse?  Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Would you survive on the USG Ishimura?
Lately, there have been a lot of "would you survive a zombie apocalypse?" quizzes, so I decided to make up my own, but in the theme of the epic video game, Dead Space. Can you survive a necr (more)
personality test

1Your crew arrives on the USG Ishimura armed to repair some asteroid damage. Your captain asks permission to land and gets no response, but decides to dock anyway. What's the first thing that comes to your mind?
I got a bad feeling about this.
They must be asleep.
I wonder what's going on down there...
Try again Captain.
Maybe their communication machine is down. Let's go fix it.
2You're crew go on board and start walking through the creepy, dimly lit hallways. Suddenly, a pack of necromorphs (alien zombies) jumps out and attacks you! What do you do?
Take my weapon and shoot the cr*p out of their guts!
Purposely abandon my team and run into the ship further.
I have no weapon, so I engage the things in hand-to-hand combat.
Fire at their arms and legs with my weapon.
Do whatever my captain says.
3You are separated from your crew in the battle somehow, and you lost your weapon. And now some necromorphs are after you! What do you do?
Stomp on their legs hoping I break them.
Run away until I reach a safer area.
Cry out "HELP! HELP!" and hope someone hears me. I'm scared sh*tless!
Raise my hands in surrender and hope they take me prisoner.
Play possum and hope they don't notice.
4After your answer in the last question fails, you run further into the ship, and you make it to a safe room loaded with food, first aid, and weapons. Choose you're weapon:
Plasma cutter
Disc ripper
Pulse rifle
Contact beam
Force gun
Line gun
5Your captain has contacted you again via your walkie-talkie, and given you an assignment. So you go out of the safe room, ready (or thinking you're ready) to take on everything those nasty necromorphs can throw at you!
Bring it on!
Wait, I think I forgot something.
So what's my job, Captain?
Time to make some noise!
Maybe I should stay in the safe room where it's safe.
6When shooting at a necromorph, you aim for the...
Arms and legs
7You enter a vacuum area (space, no oxygen). What do you do?
Run through, ignore everything else, get done what needs to get done, then get to a room with air.
Meander, take my time, kill every necromorph in my path, and slowly get done my task.
Take my time (not too much time) with my job, and when I need to, use a can of oxygen.
8You are in a big room and a big battle with a horde of necromorphs is about to begin. What is your strategy?
Run into the corner so they can't get me from behind, and shoot all that come at me from the front.
Stand in one area and shoot. When they get too close, freeze them in stasis and run to a new spot.
Find whatever explosives there are, use Kinesis to throw them at the necros, pick off who's left.
Shoot off most of them, then when they lose numbers, stasis freeze them and melee to save ammo.
A little bit of everything, depending on the situation or room.
Strategy? Okay, give me a minute to think...
Shout "This is Sparta!" and run in guns blazing!
Use Kinesis to throw a lot of blunt objects at them.
9What is your main agenda?
To fix the communications so I can call for help.
To find a nice quiet hiding spot until it all goes away.
To do whatever my captain says.
To find and rescue any other survivors
To regroup with my original team.
To find my loved one.
To find more supplies to survive.
10You think you see you're loved one, but he/she starts saying these weird things and tells you to do these odd tasks relating to the marker (alien artifact that calls to the necromorphs). What do you say in response?
Whatever you say. I'll do anything for you.
You're not real. You're a ghost created by the marker. Leave me alone! (Start shooting)
Why do I need to do these things?
Okay, fine. Just get me out of here!
How will that make anything better?
11The ship is going into an asteroid field. What do you do?
Run to the escape pod, leave everyone else.
Get to a turret and shoot the asteroids out of the way.
Stand back and wait for it all to be over.
Let someone else on the crew take care of it.
12A large tentacle suddenly reaches out from a vent and grabs you! Think fast! What do you do?
Pick up my weapon and shoot it anywhere.
Close my eyes and wait for it to be over.
Grab on to something to try and hold myself back.
Call for help, even though there's no one else in sight.
Pick up my weapon and shoot at the bloated yellow part of the tentacle. It looks like the weak point.
13After a long, difficult, and terrifying struggle, you come face-to-face with the producer and boss of the necromorphs: the Hivemind! What do you say to it?
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! (Sprint to nearest door)
Bring it on, big guy! (raise weapon)
Let's get this over with. I just know I'm going to lose.
I'll make you pay for all the people you ate!
Go easy on me, okay?
14The Hivemind grabs you're leg and lifts you high into the air, and starts lifting you toward it's gaping jaws. Luckily, you still have your weapon. What do you aim for?
Down it's throat.
The tentacle holding me.
My own leg.
The yellow swollen weak points on the sides of it's mouth.
At the roof just for fun.
15You finally kill the Hivemind, and there is a nearby shuttle that you can use to escape. Do you get on?
Yes! I'm getting the hell off this crazy ship.
No. Maybe I should wait for other survivors.
No, I'm gonna wait for all other necromorphs to find me and kill me.
16Well, that's the end. How did you like you're little adventure/quiz? (does not affect outcome)
Wow! That was amazing man!
A bit long, but I liked it a lot.
Great job dude!
That was boring as sh*t.
I think you could have done a little better.

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