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San Francisco Giants Trivia
Putting it up here mostly for fun, and then doing another quiz site.
trivia quiz

1Which Giant led the 2009 team in nearly every offensive category, including batting average, home runs, and OPS?
Pablo Sandoval
Barry Bonds
Bengie Molina
Buster Posey
Matt Cain
2Which Giants pitcher won consecutive Cy Youngs in 2008 and 2009?
Matt Cain
Kirk Rueter
Tim Lincecum
Brian Wilson
Erik Threets
3Who is the General Manager of the Giants as of the 2010 season?
Dusty Baker
Branch Rickey
Felipe Alou
Peter Magowan
Brian Sabean
4As of January 15, 2010, who were the Giants two major offensive acquisitions?
Aubrey Huff & Nick Johnson
Brad Ausmus & Tony Pena Jr.
Bobby Bonds Jr. and Lance Berkman
Mark DeRosa & Aubrey Huff
Rick Ankiel & Nomar Garciaparra
5Which Giant was the first player from the 2008 amateur draft to play in the major leagues?
Conor Gillaspie
Buster Posey
Thomas Neal
Roger Kiercsnick
Nick Noonan
6And what was the reason for said player coming up to the majors so early?
They wanted to test him out as a potential starter for 2009 and beyond.
They felt he was ready for the major leagues right away.
It was written into his contract to make up for how low he was drafted.
They had no real reason.
Their top two players at his position were injured.
7The Giants have not had much success with homegrown stars. Which of these successful Giants players, despite spending some time in the Giants farm system, was acquired from another team?
Bill Mueller
Rich Aurilia
Royce Clayton
Matt Williams
Willie McCovey
8Who was the Giants mascot in 1984?
Krazy Krab
Lou Seal
Lou Bear
9What was the name of the Giants old park right before they switched to their new stadium?
Candlestick Park
3COM Park
3COM Park at Candelstick Point
The 'Stick
Seals Stadium
10For how many consecutive years did the Giants get first or second place in their most recent run as a franchise?

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