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What type of emoticon are you?
Title says it all. Cool and calm, dorky, angry, or compassionate.
personality test

1And what doth confucious say...ith?
Shut the hell up!
Oh, poor you, remember confucious is lame!
Well, he`s said many things, it all started in 551 BC when he was born to...
You know, some important stuff and junk.
2Hi how are you?
I`m going to rip out your throat and boil it in brine!
Fine, you?
Just chillin` sup with you?
*Snort* You`re actually talking to me?
3You find out your boss/supervisor/teacher is a cross-dresser, how do you react?
`S Cool `S Cool Don`t get tense
Well, he/she could be whatever he/she wants and I`ll always support him/her.
What a weirdo, burn him/her at the stake!
What boss? I own my company and/or to smart for school.
4Hot lady/guy passes by.
Hey pretty lady/handsome guy.
Oh Hi how`s it goin`?
*Sweat**Snortle Snortle* Hhh-i hhhow aarre yyou?
*Punches him or her out* There now that`s taken care of.
Ignore them and walk on by.
5Favorite dog. Note: Only adds/subtracts one point.
Bull dog
Robot Dog of your own creation.
None of the above

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