Twlight is pretty hot right now so I figured I'd make a Twilight quiz dedicated to all those crazy, obsessive, Twilight saga fans! Enjoy! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Twlilight character are you?
Twlight is pretty hot right now so I figured I'd make a Twilight quiz dedicated to all those crazy, obsessive, Twilight saga fans! Enjoy!
personality test

1What is one thing you hate?
When others are upset!
To much attention!
When the spotlight is on someone other then me!
2What is one thing you love?
Wrestling with a friend!
Making others happy!
Hangin with my peeps.
3Someone tells you that they're in love with you but you don't feel the same way. How do you handle this?
I tell them straight up. It's cruel to string them along.
I tell them they will always be special to me but I'm not into him/her.
I make a joke and laugh nervously hoping to change the subject.
I give them a hug and a kiss on the cheek and say I love them but not in that way.
I take their hand and tell them it won't work out but offer to set them up with a friend.
Slap them!
I tell them they need to back off and chuckle about it afterwards.
4You're crush just turned you down! Burn! How do you handle this situation?
I nod and tell them I'm not good enough for them anway. They desreve better then me.
My life goes into ruins and I hurt the ones that care about me with cruel comments.
I go nuts and hate myself.
I feel sad inside and go home and shoot hoops.
Shrug it off and move on with my life.
Slap him/her!
Cry a little but then realize it's no biggie and move on.
5Choose a word to describe you.
6Oh la la! It's an intense moment, perfect for a kiss! Do you kiss that special someone?
Heck yeah!
Of course! Oh la la!
I'd be stupid not to! Maybe I can get him/her to take off his/her shirt! Whoo!
Only if they want to kiss me...
Duh! He/She is yummy!
Only if it's romantic.
I guess. *Blush*
7Some jerk is all up in your face how do you deal?
I slap them.
I tell them politly to back off if they don't then I'll just lose it.
I get my boyfriend/girlfriend to handle it.
I threaten to beat them.
I be nice to them anyway.
I shove them and tell them to take a chill-pill.
I ignore them.
8What do you look for in a soul mate?
Someone handsome and delish! Plus with a steamin' hot bod!
Someone amazingly sexy with the bod of a greek god/ godess!
Someone intellegint , selfless, and drop dead gougous.
Someone charming and sweet and just myserious. Someone who likes me for me not my bod.
Someone hot and funny. Someone I can just hang out with and isn't to copmlicated.
I like a gentlemen. Someone beautiful and brainy. Someone who would die for me.
Sombody cute and really fun to be around. Someone sweet and bubbly.

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